USS BATTLE SERIES is a non-profit organization who's mission is to host quality fitness events and give back to those that serve our country.  Proceeds from fitness events benefit military organizations and charities, as well as first responder organizations and charities.  Join us and test yourself in challenges similar to those faced on a daily basis in the line of duty!




USS BATTLE SERIES events will benefit the following charities:

Cliff is a current federal firefighter for the United States Navy, serving for 20 years. He is also a veteran of the Navy, serving for 8 years.  He was born and raised in Southern California and is the father of 5. 


When Cliff isn't spending time with his family, he enjoys participating in a variety of recreational and competitive activities. He is a blue belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu, a marathon runner, a functional fitness competitor, an Iron Man competitor, and a team captain for the Navy Firefighter Combat Challenge Team.

Cliff currently operates California FyrFit, a multi-functional/multi-task system of training.  FyrFit is designed to test your mind, body, and soul to a new level of fitness and a new level of you!

When Cliff decided to create USS BATTLE SERIES, he hoped to create functional fitness competitions that would bring a new level of awareness in terms of health, fitness, and safety for our military and first responders.  He looks forward to hosting challenging events in some of the most incredible locations, beginning with the USS Midway!

Cliff Walker - CEO/Founder of California Warrior Fit & FyrFit